6 Data Protection Tips

6 Data Protection Compliance Tips

6 Data Protection Compliance Tips for your business. Firstly we offer flexible GDPR support services to businesses across the UK. Albeit as data protection experts, we implement annual compliance audits for our clients. Therefore ensuring GDPR is implemented and maintained across the business. Another key point to note is the GDPR help desk or GDPR support desk.Primarilyy this is the main component for our customers to get in touch. Thus logging tickets or queries for our data protection specialists to pick up and resolve. 

The Outsourced Data Protection Officer:

Our outsourced DPO service will satisfy your legal responsibility to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Whether it’s a mandatory or voluntary appointment, we implement GDPR compliance on your behalf. The primary objective is for us to be responsible for overseeing an organisation’s data protection strategy and implementation.

Through our DPO support services or GDPR support contracts, we ensure that an organisation is complying with the GDPR’s requirements. This means implementing best practices and compliant frameworks.

Outsourced DPO VS Recruiting

Data Protection Officer’s responsibilities include:

  • Training organisation employees on GDPR compliance requirements
  • Conducting regular assessments and audits to ensure GDPR compliance
  • Serving as the point of contact between the company and the relevant supervisory authority (Information Commissioners Office)
  • Maintaining records of all data processing activities conducted by the company
  • Responding to data subjects to inform them about how their personal data is being used
  • Defining what measures the company has put in place to protect their customers data

6 Data Protection Compliance Tips:

Legal Requirements:

  • Register with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Sounds simple but many small businesses have failed to register themselves. Thus opening themselves up to fines as this is a mandatory requirement.  Further to this, your website must have a cookie and a privacy policy. The policies must be open to the public to read and get in touch. The ICO have a checklist online for people to use as a way to determine their obligations. This is a free resource and leaves little margin for error when registering your business.

Accurate Documentation:

  • Firstly review your data protection compliance. Annual data protection audits from data protection specialists are a great tool to use. Currently, a key part of the regulation outlines subjects have the ‘right to be forgotten’. Data subjects can withdraw their consent for organisations to use their personal data. So how you maintain controls to implement this effectively is important. Keep an audit trail of all the actions that were taken and why.

Define Processes:

  • Think about doing a marketing compliance review. If you conduct marketing campaigns, identify whether you’re relying on consent to process personal data. Marketing activities are more difficult under the ePrivacy because the consent needs to be clear. The ePrivacy regulations require certain controls around marketing to ensure the data subject’s rights are met.

Obligations & Time Scales:

  • This Is where a Subject Access Request as a Service sets you apart. At the present time, Data subjects have the right to access all of their personal information. They can also request for you to completely erase all their personal data that you may hold. Yes, the time frames can be extended in exceptional circumstances. However in most cases, from the request date, you have 30 calendar days to respond to the data subject.

Supply Chain Due Diligence:

  • GDPR Compliance reviews and annual penetration testing is very important. As the regulations change so does accountability. This means you should ensure that all suppliers and contractors are GDPR-compliant. Thus having a defined process to avoid being impacted by any supply chain breaches and consequent penalties. Further to this, the correct documentation needs to be in place in the form of supplier contracts. Such contracts should include stipulations that obligate them to notify and inform you of any breaches that occur.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer Service:

  • The outsourced DPO as a service is an essential way to implement compliance. Most organisations need to appoint a DPO. If your core activities involve ‘regular or systematic’ monitoring of data subjects on a large scale. The DPO is responsible for maintaining compliance and ensuring regulatory adherence. This will help improve your brand reputation and customer satisfaction in the long term. We support numerous organisations across the UK by acting as the named DPO. In many cases, this is in addition to an arm’s length GDPR support contract. The aim is to make data protection seamless. We usually delivered remotely or on-site either via our help desk or pre-arranged blocks of time. As we have years of experience supporting businesses from a variety of sectors we understand the data protection challenges that can be specific to particular industry. Please check out our customer testimonials and case studies: https://compliancedirectsolutions.com/about/

Contact us for more information on how CDS can help your organisation comply with data protection regulations here: https://compliancedirectsolutions.com/contact-us/

In summary support contract offering and Outsourced Data Protection Officer as a service is a great tool for your business ensuring GDPR compliance. This will help directly reduce your risk of non-compliance and data breaches.  By outsourcing your GDPR compliance we can deliver compliance with minimal disruption to your business’s daily activities. Low-cost and flexible data protection compliance services delivered in a timely manner and with minimal disruption to your staff or business.

For more info on why you need a DPO visit the ICO page here : https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/uk-gdpr-guidance-and-resources/accountability-and-governance/guide-to-accountability-and-governance/accountability-and-governance/data-protection-officers/