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Dan Pearce Sells Homes

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Dan Pearse Sells Homes

The following case study is designed to provide an insight into the partnership between Dan Pearce Sells Homes (DPSH) and Compliance Direct Solutions Ltd (CDS).

As one of Yorkshire leading estate agencies, Dan Pearce Sells Homes have undergone some serious growth in the last two years. DPSH have achieved one milestone after the next with several franchises opening up across Yorkshire. This growth and success is a direct result of the company’s values and ethos. Primarily their ability to deliver exceptional results and continually going above and beyond for their customers and franchisee’s. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dan at the office in Morley, Leeds. We had a great discussion on how their GDPR and data protection compliance processes could be integrated and enhanced further. This was a primary objective in order to compliment the growth of their business and be an integral part of how data privacy is maintained throughout business operations.

Data Protection Compliance Framework

Estate Agencies collect diverse personal data like emails, addresses, IDs; handling must comply with GDPR. To date DPSH have implemented compliance measures when handing customers data internally. Business growth brings more staff and data, leading to new challenges in data management and flow. In response, senior leadership are proactively rolling out our data protection compliance framework through a strategic partnership with CDS. We aim to implement compliance solutions in a demonstrable way with minimal fuss or interruption to business as usual. Ensuring regulatory compliance fosters sustainable business growth, boosting customer trust and minimising data breach risks effectively.

How we helped Dan Pearse Sells Homes:

Through our managed small business solution and remote help desk, DPSH have outsourced GDPR compliance to CDS. We take pride in data protection compliance and appreciate the importance of the services our client’s deliver to their customers. Before collaborating, our consultation devised a compliance roadmap. This empowers efficient data utilisation with established safeguards and adherence to frameworks.

CDS’ small business solution in combination with our remote help desk is a perfect fit for DPSH. Low cost, flexible and customer service centric, we provide a full spectrum end to end GDPR roadmap and toolkit to achieve compliance. Our help desk offers expert support during and after business hours, relieving internal resource pressures effectively. This enables focusing on BAU, while our team ensures GDPR compliance seamlessly without disrupting daily operations.

Dan Pearce of Dan Pearce Sells Homes had this to say about his experience working with CDS:

 “Great working with Harry. And although a part of my business which isn’t the most exciting and also time consuming. I feel confident to outsource our GDPR and compliance requirements to Harry and his team. I am able to focus on providing my customers the best service possible. knowing I am compliant and managing peoples data correctly. Not too pushy and not too laid back. Harry definitely UNDERSTANDS where my head and BUSINESS is and manages me EFFECTIVELY in the way I want him to.”

We look forward to playing an integral role in delivering GDPR compliance for DPSH. If anyone would like our small business solution brochure or a consultation to discuss how we could be of use to your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.