Data Protection Audit

Data Protection Audit

Our Data Protection Audit is a brilliant tool to provide a point in time analysis. As a result the output report will consolidate and review your current situation in terms of GDPR compliance to identify any potential areas of non-compliance.

Outsourced Data Protection Roadmap

Why Choose us?

  • Transparent, honest and pragmatic data protection audit. 
  • Track record of providing expert advice, guidance and data protection support
  • On-hand data protection support or remote delivery
  • Specialists in Data Protection and Information Security compliance
  • GDPR & Cyber Security Subject Matter Experts

All things considered our outsourced DPO as a service comprehensively covers regular GDPR Audits and compliance reviews. Therefore by implementing a data protection audit your business is reviewing compliance and highlighting any areas of non-compliance.

  1. This directly reduces any risk of non-compliance or a data breach. 
  2. Further building consumer confidence around your data processing practises, boosting consumer confidence and overall customer satisfaction.
  3. Data Protection audits review GDPR compliance and highlight any areas of risk that could result in a data breach or malpractice

As a result, the outsourced DPO service is designed to cover all aspects of implementation and awareness around GDPR and DPA compliance. Altogether covering every aspects of the Data Protection Officer job role. Whilst also providing leadership mentoring and coaching for those staff who need it.  

Data Protection Audit:

Getting to GDPR / DPA 2018 compliance is essential for all businesses. Therefore, all organisations must make an active effort to ensure they are accountable for data protection compliance.

Therefore, CDS recommend an annual compliance audit:

  1. This a great tool to review the progress you have made and make sure any gaps previously plugged have not opened up again.
  2. Many businesses are always growing and changing, so our annual compliance audit allows you to ensure any necessary tweaks and changes your current GDPR / DPA 2018 policies, procedures etc. to ensure compliance is maintained.
  3. An annual compliance audit using our qualified GDPR & information security professionals is also a very effective way of ensuring GDPR / DPA 2018 awareness within your organisation does not fade over time.

Data Protection Audit Continued:

Our Pledge:

  • Point in time analysis
  • Comprehensive report in line with GDPR
  • Impartial consultant led data protection audit.
  • Minimal disruption to business as usual

Delivery & Output

  • Our data protection experts will request a handful of key documents in advance
  • Days on site, report writing and peer review
  • Traffic light rated observations for severity
  • Recommendations and follow up actions
  • Hand over and remediation call.

Following a scope being generated and the completion of the audit, we provide a comprehensive and bespoke report along with a risk-based summary and feedback on remediation and next steps. Contact us for more information on how CDS can help your organisation comply with data protection regulations economically, in a timely manner and with minimal disruption to BAU.

We currently support several multinational and many small corporates with outsourced data protection officer support. We have lots of brilliant case studies, feedback recommendations highlighting our attention to detail and great level of service.

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