Data Protection Impact Assessment

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Data Protection Impact Assessment

A data protection impact assessment (DPIA) is a process that helps organisations identify and minimise risks that result from data processing. DPIAs are usually undertaken when introducing new data processing processes, systems or technologies.

Our consultants can independently verify and review the risks associated with certain data processing to satisfy the compliance requirements of the GDPR/DPA18. We can do this through the two levels of service offered by CDS:

  • Initially, CDS can help prepare your organisation by creating all the required policies and procedures relating to DPIA’s
  • CDS can then also help carry out any DPIA’s as much or as little as you require, this can range from offering remote support and guidance all the way to attending site and completing the DPIA for you.

Key Differentiators

  • Complete end to end solution
  • Fully qualified professionals
  • We have many years of industry and legal experience
  • Remote and on-site support provided
Compliance Direct Solutions provide unmatchable Data Protection Impact Assessment services to help you stay compliant with Data Protection and GDPR.