DSAR Support

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DSAR Support

A Data Subject Access Request is made by individuals who want to obtain personal data an organisation holds about them. An individual can submit a DSAR either verbally or in writing. An individual does not have to submit a request to any particular person or department, they can submit a DSAR to any part of an organisation. Once received, you must respond to the DSAR within 30 days.

CDS offer a range of services to help make the process of receiving and responding to DSAR’s as stress free as possible.

  • We can help prepare your organisation by creating all the required policies and procedures relating to responding to a DSAR

  • Having policies and procedures in place is great but not very effective unless everyone in the organisation is familiar with them. CDS can help embed these policies and procedures into the organisation through training and awareness sessions. Reduce any unnecessary delay by ensuring everyone in your organisation knows what to do in the event of receiving a DSAR.

  • Furthermore, CDS can also help you respond to a DSAR if you require additional support, this can range from offering remote support and guidance all the way to attending site and responding to the DSAR for you.

Key Differentiators

    • We offer a complete end to end solution
    • Fully qualified professionals with considerable industry experience
    • Our professionals have extensive legal experience
    • We can offer both Remote and on-site support
Whether it’s a mandatory or voluntary appointment, Compliance Direct Solutions provides the perfect DPO service is designed to satisfy an organisations legal responsibility to designate a Data Protection Officer. A Data Protection Officer is responsible for overseeing an organisation’s data protection strategy and implementation.