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In addition to GDPR and DPA 18, CDS can help organisations fulfil their legal responsibility to comply with PECR and ePR. Schedule a free consultation today!

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ePrivacy Compliance Services

If you market by phone, email, text or fax, use cookies or compile public directories, the PECR currently apply. The ePR will be broader in scope and aim to ensure privacy in all electronic communications; including over-the-top service providers such as instant messaging apps and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) platforms, and machine-to-machine communications such as the IoT (Internet of Things).

CDS can assist your organisation in keeping its head above water when it comes to engaging in marketing activity and allowing you to maximise on opportunities whilst protecting your reputation.

Our PECR and e-Privacy Services include:

Our ePrivacy Service

We ensure your business is compliant with PECR and ePR requirements in a hands-on way maturing key casework. We take ownership of the compliance strategy and our team of experts are always available for assistance and support.

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We are responsible for overseeing, logging, and implementing your ePrivacy strategy.

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