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Whether it’s a mandatory or voluntary appointment, our outsourced DPO service is designed to satisfy an organisations legal responsibility to resource a Data Protection Officer. Schedule a free consultation today!

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Outsourced Data Protection Officer

Need to appoint an outsourced Data Protection Officer to stay compliant? Our DPO service ensures you meet compliance without additional staff overheads.  A Data Protection Officer is responsible for overseeing an organisation’s data protection strategy and implementation. They must also ensure that an organisation is complying with the GDPR’s requirements.

According to GDPR Article 39, a DPO’s responsibilities include:

Our DPO Service

We ensure your business is compliant with GDPR and DPA 18 requirements in a hands on way maturing key casework. Furthermore, we take ownership of the compliance strategy and our team of experts are always available for assistance and support.

We are named your DPO
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We are responsible for overseeing, logging, and implementing your data protection strategy.

Why Outsource my DPO?

Why outsource, when I can undoubtedly appoint an employee to act as my DPO? A great question indeed.

Remote and On Site Support

No Conflict of Interest

Qualified and Experienced DPOs

Efficient & Economical

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When Should I Appoint A DPO?

Data is An Asset

Protecting and safeguarding from data breaches is crucial.

Systematic Approach

We process data systematically and regularly on a large scale.

Shared Data

We share data for our business-as-usual activities.

What are the Benefits of having a DPO?