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Our Data Protection Remediation Services enable organisations to action the recommendations detailed in your compliance action plan or gap analysis report. Schedule a free consultation today!

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Remediation Consultancy

Once Compliance Direct Solutions have carried out a Gap Analysis report, you will be provided with a complete report which will outline in detail all of your recommendations which are tailored to you and your business. The report will also mention each recommendation with a priority rating allowing you to have a clear roadmap to GDPR / DPA 2018 compliance. You can either implement these recommendations yourself or enlist our qualified practitioners to help implement and improve the areas of concern. Our qualified practitioners can take ownership of all or part of the GDPR / DPA 2018 compliance plan and make sure that this has been implemented across the business.

What tasks can the remediation Project entail:

Our Remediation Service

Our Remediation services are a great method to get to utilise experts in order to achieve GDPR /DPA18 compliance. CDS can be involved as much or as little as your require, with the ability to take complete ownership of a project and see it through to completion.

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All remediation consultancy is carried out by our fully qualified practitioners and consultants with over 10 years of industry experience.

Why Outsource the remediation of my Data protection Action Plan?

Why outsource, when I can carry out the remediation actions myself? Great Question

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Save on internal resource

Qualified and Experienced Consultants

Faster Compliance

why should I pick CDS?

What Remediation Services are available?

Fully Outsourced Remediation

CDS can take complete ownership of the implementation of your action plan

Shared Remediation

CDS agree how much of the follow-up actions you are comfortable implementing yourself and how much you would require our support on.

Deep Dive Projects

You own the entire implementation project and commission CDS for ad hoc tasks when required

What are the Benefits of Carrying out the Recommendations of your Action Plan?