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GDPR Support Desk

CDS provide a business hours Support Desk for any remote support and guidance, this includes any queries in relation to PECR & ePR. Any queries, questions or complaints you receive can be dealt by our senior team of practitioners who will resolve and come back to you with follow up actions and a resolution.

Key Differentiators

  • Business hours support desk
  • Fully qualified professionals with considerable industry and legal experience
  • Our support desk can assist you in carrying out some activities relating to GDPR/DPA18 compliance, remotely. This can increase flexibility and reduce the additional costs of having a consultant on-site.
A Data Subject Access Request is made by individuals who want to obtain details personal data an organisation holds about them. An individual can submit a DSAR either verbally or in writing. An individual does not have to submit a request to any particular person or department, they can submit a DSAR to any part of an organisation. Once received, you must respond to the DSAR within 30 days.