Maintaining ISMS Certification

Get Compliant. Stay Compliant.

Maintaining ISMS Implementation

Getting your ISO 27001 certification is great, maintaining your ISMS is an on-going process. CDS can help you in every aspect of maintaining your certification, some of these aspects are:

  • Adhering to all the policies and procedures in the ISMS
  • Continually updating the policies and procedures in line with the changing requirements of your organisation
  • Performing internal audits

Key Differentiators

  • All consultancy is carried out by our fully qualified practitioners and consultants with over 10 years of industry experience.
  • Through our transparent and consultative approach, we can mentor incumbent resource on areas of conformance as part of the service.
  • CDS can be involved as much or as little as your require, with the ability to take complete ownership of a project and see it through to completion.
A Data Subject Access Request is made by individuals who want to obtain details personal data an organisation holds about them. An individual can submit a DSAR either verbally or in writing. An individual does not have to submit a request to any particular person or department, they can submit a DSAR to any part of an organisation. Once received, you must respond to the DSAR within 30 days.