Partnering for Progress: PRHA & Compliance Direct Solutions

Partnering for Progress: PRHA & Compliance Direct Solutions. Providence Row Housing Association (PRHA) has been a steadfast pillar of support for those experiencing homelessness since 1860. Compliance Direct Solutions a trusted partner in cybersecurity, joined hands with PRHA in a pivotal collaboration. Since 2019 we embarked on a critical mission to enhance PRHA’s cybersecurity posture.

Providence Row Housing Association

Why Network Security Matters: PRHA & CDS

Safeguarding Data and Trust

The importance of network security for PRHA is crucuial. Beyond compliance with data protection regulations, it’s about safeguarding sensitive information and nurturing trust within their community. With personal data at stake, preventing cyber threats is not just a legal requirement; it’s a moral obligation.

CDS Approach and Methodology:

The Cybersecurity Experts

Firstly we brought our expertise to the forefront, implementing a best practice approach in collaboration with PRHA’s IT team. Leveraging CREST certified penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. We conducted remote penetration testing to identify key risk profiles and formulate effective mitigation strategies.

Project Timeline: partnering For Progress

Delivering Security Over 3-4 Months

This collaborative effort spanned a duration of 3-4 months, encompassing the initial penetration testing phase, followed by meticulous remediation. Ongoing vulnerability scanning ensured continuous maturity and provided PRHA with the peace of mind that their digital assets remained secure.

Partnering for Progress: PRHA & Compliance Direct Solutions

Benefits and Outcomes:

Securing Today, Sustaining Tomorrow

Thanks to the concerted efforts of PRHA and CDS, the ideal scenario outcomes have been achieved. PRHA is now compliant with data protection regulations, and their IT network stands as a robust fortress against cyber threats.

In summary this enhanced network security protects the personal data of staff, members, and volunteers but also reinforces PRHA’s reputation as a trusted and responsible entity. Thus It’s a testament to their commitment to their mission of rebuilding lives and giving hope to the homeless, safeguarded in a digitally connected world. Finally The partnership between PRHA and CDS highlights what can be achieved when organisations work hand in hand to secure a brighter future for those in need.

Partnering for Progress: PRHA & Compliance Direct Solutions


Providence Row Housing Association

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