Preventing A data breach

Preventing A data breach

Preventing a data breach is essential for brand reputation. Therefore understanding the importance of a risk management strategy that provides compliance professionals a chance to highlight key areas of vulnerability in their response capabilities is essential.   

Will the war in Ukraine result in more cyber-attacks on British businesses?  

Firstly the number of high-profile data breaches making the headlines in recent years is growing. Therefore cybersecurity awareness, data protection compliance and penetration testing have become a primary area of focus for businesses of all sizes across the UK.  

 All things considered in November 2020, the UK government launched National Cyber Force. Chiefly in a bid to document the growing problem of cybercrime in the United Kingdom. By comparison, America’s President Joe Biden warned businesses to be prepared for Russian cyber-attacks. By the same token, British companies have been urged to review and improve their digital security. By and large over concerns of possible Russian cyber-attacks linked to the growing political crisis in Ukraine. 

In essence the comparatively small cost of upping your annual security budget as a form of defence is far more appealing than the risk of suffering the vast costs if you were to get hit by a cyber-attack. 

At the present time National Cyber Force research shows that over a 12-month period 2020-2021:  

  1. Firstly Ransomware attacks affected 71% of UK organisations. Consequently, the average cost of ransomware attacks in the UK was around £1.6 million. Subsequently, the UK has issued £36.9 million in GDPR fines. Therefore we understand the importance of a risk management strategy. In the hope that business leaders can highlight key areas of vulnerability in advance of an event. Unquestionably our aim is to prevent an event from occurring through our arm’s length cyber security support and remediation services. Most important knowing who, how and when to report incidents is vital to mitigate your risk of regulatory fines and penalties. In spite of the unfortunate event of a cyber-attack leading to a data breach.  

In summary, our penetration testing services provide a manageable route to achieving or maintaining regulatory compliance. Undeniably reducing the risk of data breaches for your business.  

Preventing A Data Breach:

Country by rank   Cyber Security budget % 2020/2021 
USA 13.8 % 
China  13.6% 
Turkey 13.4% 
Canada 13.4% 
Germany 12.1% 
United Kingdom 11.2% 
Australia 11.1% 
Summary Of National Cyber Security Budgets
Green – Significantly Above global average of 12.8%      Amber Marginally above global annual spend       Red – Below the global average 

Preventing a data breach? 10 tips for cyber security:  

  • First Allocate a proportionate budget for cyber security, on average 12.8% 
  • Furthermore Engage with qualified cyber security experts with CREST certification 
  • In addition implement regular risk assessments and network security reviews 
  • In any case implement remediation actions effectively and in a timely manner 
  • Particularly consider the outsourced Data Protection Officer as a service model for GDPR compliance 
  • Simultaneously consider cyber security training & awareness across the business  
  • In addition to monthly vulnerability scanning  
  • In due time start patching & updating software including your IOT 
  • Equally important is to remember that implementing regular penetration testing is essential  
  • Finally ensure compliant marketing frameworks and communications 

How to get my business Data Protection & Cyber ready? 

  • Firstly training employees on GDPR & Cyber Security compliance and best practices 
  • Furthermore conducting regular vulnerability scanning & penetration testing 
  • In any case ensure the correct public facing privacy notices 
  • Conducting regular assessments and audits to ensure GDPR compliance 
  • In addition maintain records of all data processing activities conducted by the company 
  • Furthermore respond to data subjects to inform them about how their personal data is being used

4 ways to stop a data breach:  

  • Firstly consider implementing regular penetration testing from CREST-certified agencies
  • In addition consider a monthly vulnerability scanning  service to satisfy oversight  
  • In any case training & Awareness for all staff should be conducted annually
  • Simultaneously consider the Knowbe4 platform – World largest integrated platform for GDPR & Cyber training

What does getting hacked or a data breach look like? & How will getting hacked affect my business? 

  • Defacing company website 
  • Ransomware (encrypting data and only releasing it for vast sums of money) 
  • Destroying the reputation of your company and thus any clients or customers avoiding using your business ever again
  • Customer complaints and increased number of data subject access requests 

What is pen testing or penetration testing?   

A penetration test or ethical hack is important because it will provide you with a point in time analysis of your susceptibility to a cyber-attack. 

  • Firstly this is an authorised carefully structured cyberattack carried out on a computer system. In essence, it evaluates the security of that system. Moreover allowing the identification of vulnerabilities as well as what data is vulnerable. Therefore giving the business a real-life view of their security posture 
Cost Service  Timescales Subject To Scope Report Turnaround 
Subject to scopeExternal Pen Test 1-5 Days 3-5 Days 
Subject to scopeWeb App Pen Test 1-5 Days  3-5 Days 
Subject to scope Vulnerability scanning 1-4 Days per calendar month  1 Per calendar month
Subject to scope Internal Pen Testing 1-5 Days 3-5 Days 
Compliance Direct Solutions Penetration Testing Guide

 In brief, our CREST-certified testers will identify and assess the vulnerabilities that pose a threat to your network security. Once identified, our report will determine the magnitude of the possible vulnerabilities and outline remediation steps.

What types of pen testing do we need? 

Our CREST Certified penetration testing service provides you with: 

  • All things considered our penetration testing report will clearly outline the likelihood and probability of the exploitation of your current vulnerabilities. At the same time  detailing series of actions or mitigating steps to resolve or reduce the vulnerability.
  • External Penetration Test – Our testers will mimic the behaviour of a hacker.  We aim to identify and exploit vulnerabilities found in the external facing systems and services, such as email servers and remote access terminals. 
  • Web Application Penetration Test – These tests are aimed at individual web applications to assess the security level and posture of the web application itself, typically looking at the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. 
  • Vulnerability scanning – Great for regular and systematic testing. Low-cost high frequency testing to inspect the potential points of exploit on a computer network to identify areas of concern. A vulnerability scan detects and classifies weaknesses in a network and predicts the effectiveness of countermeasures that we put in place to prevent a malicious attack. 
  • Internal Penetration Testing – This type of tests is designed to simulate attacks to internal systems and networks as if performed by a malicious insider or an external attacker who has already successfully penetrated the perimeter defences. 

Why is penetration testing important to perform? 

In summary, we support numerous organisations across the UK by acting as the named Data Protection Officer and Pen Testing Partners. In most cases, this is supplemented with arm’s length GDPR support services. At the present time, this is delivered remotely or on-site either via our help desk or pre-arranged blocks of time. 

In conclusion our team has years of experience supporting businesses from a variety of sectors so we understand the Cyber Security and Data Protection challenges that can be specific to particular industries. In brief, we have supported industries such as Housing Associations, NHS Trusts, Tech Companies, Government, Media and the Charitable sector.  

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Our Penetration Testing service offering and Outsourced Data Protection Officer as a service are great tools for your business to ensure GDPR compliance. All this whilst directly reducing your risk of non-compliance and data breaches. By outsourcing your GDPR & Cyber Security compliance we can deliver maturation with minimal disruption to your business-as-usual daily activities.  

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Official UK guidance on penetration testing.