Penetration Testing & Cyber Security Testing

penetration Testing & Cyber Security strategy

Penetration Testing & Cyber Security strategy is the method used to ethically hack a computer network. This is usually to identify, expose and solve any key vulnerabilities that could pose a risk to your IT eco system. When you look at any business or organisation in today’s landscape, IT assets and the internet of things are a fundamental part of any organisation. This is clear when we process and share lots of business critical and sensitive data.  

What is A Penetration Test:

A penetration test should be thought of as similar to a data protection or GDPR audit. Our CREST approved pen testers advise that in most cases a pen test should be done annually or bi-annually. We understand that your Data Protection Officer tracks and monitors GDPR compliance on a day-to-day basis. Thus doing annual and bi-annual reviews of compliance frameworks. Working with a CREST approved tester means you have the expert impartial and technical skills on hand. Pen testing agencies deliver you a thorough report and analysis without any conflict of interest.  An external impartial consultant led audit in essence ensures that your current resources and processes are sufficient and validated. In summary highlighting any areas of concern that you can act upon swiftly and in a timely manner.  

penetration Testing:

There are some key benefits to consider. Firstly implementing a comprehensive and mature cyber security posture builds consumer confidence. Secondly it gives assurance that your organisation is continually reducing the risk of a cyber-security breaches. It’s not always a criminal gang or hacker who wants to exploit your systems. Therefore having a comprehensive cyber security’s functionality in place is core to protecting the devices your staff use. It’s also about preventing unauthorised access to the vast amounts of personal information you store. In summary regardless of when you had your last official pen test reviewing cyber security is key. Thus seeking advice from industry level pen testers will strengthen your business and significantly improve consumer confidence in your brand. Being seen as a business that is responsible and commitment to its customers’ security and data will add exponential value. 

Cyber Security:

Cyber security is important because businesses store a growing amount of data on their customers. This includes personal details, needs, preferences, and buying habits. We understand that this is predominantly due to the digital age accelerating the implementation and dependence on technology. Smartphones, computers and the internet of things are now a fundamental part of modern life. It’s difficult to imagine how we’d function without them. Therefore it’s more important than ever to take steps that can prevent cyber breaches of your customers data.

Our penetration testers are CREST Registered. They also have years of experience helping businesses protect their networks, digital assets. Following an initial introduction our team will collaboration with you seamlessly. We aim to scope out the correct level of testing required for your business. In short we tailor a roadmap to deliver the key objectives that the test is required to address. Following the pen test, you will receive the following in an output report.  

penetration Testing & Cyber Security strategy output:

  1. We Provide A Ranked list of identified vulnerabilities in priority order (Point in time analysis)
  2. The Profile, likelihood and probability of exploitation of your current vulnerabilities
  3. With A Series of clear actions & mitigating steps to resolve or reduce the vulnerability

Types Of Penetration Testing:

Internal Penetration Test – This pen test type of tests is designed to simulate attacks to internal systems and networks as if performed by a malicious insider or an external attacker who has already successfully penetrated the perimeter defences.

External Penetration Test – This penetration testers will mimic the behaviour of a hacker.  We aim is to identify and exploit vulnerabilities found in the external facing systems and services, such as email servers and remote access terminals.

Web Application Penetration Test – This tests is aimed at individual web applications to assess the security level and posture of the web application itself.

Vulnerability scanning – This is a low cost flexible solution. vulnerability scanning detects and classifies weaknesses in a network. We aim to predicts the effectiveness of countermeasures that we put in place to prevent a malicious attacks.

penetration Testing & Cyber Security strategy With CDS:

We are happy to share sample output reports and scoping documents with you. In general throughout the initial stages we will have regular calls . The individual road maps we tailor are bespoke to you. We aim to deliver great value for money whilst going above and beyond for our clients.

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